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Tony LeBlanc Ceo and President

Tony LeBlanc is a zealot when it comes to managing your property. His first gig? He was a precocious teen and live-in superintendent.

Yes, that's right, he was practically born into the industry. His resume is lengthy, but here are the highlights: A successful entrepreneur two times over, income property owner, and a competitive body building software engineer with a financial background that would fluster your financial planner.

Ground Floor PM is a strategic firm born of his desire to create wealth for property owners. With his solid financial acumen, and technical skills, he's created property ecocystem, with to the minute financial reporting and forecasting. His reputation for anticipating trends and recognizing value are renown.

Prepared to act as an advisor on future investments, he sees himself as a partner in your long-term growth. How's that for a service perk?

Just ask him to explain derivatives and real estate fluctuations - we dare you!

Stephen Dunnett Vice President

Stephen Dunnett is the friendly force at Ground Floor PM.

His lengthy career in property management spans nearly two decades. In that time he has developed a unique, comprehensive system for managing properties of all sizes. And he's got the refined people skills that make him the go to guy for evaluating potential tenants and forming strategic partnerships.

Stephen deals with leasing, facility maintenance, and on site trouble-shooting. Retrofitting or renovating - he is always innovating to add value.

If you are ever attempting to define the term hands-on, we humbly submit Stephen's image as the definitive characterization of that most sought after trait.

As a side note, we are currently petitioning Oxford's English Dictionary to reflect this change.

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